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Jan 16 Product Updates

FlippingBook Publisher Update: New Preloader, In-page Videos, Background Sound, and More

You spoke, and we listened, so our first 2018 FlippingBook Publisher update is based on your requests and is completely customer-driven.

Dec 13 Marketing Tips

Why track publications?

See how you can gain valuable insights from tracking and analyzing your documents to make your marketing and sales efforts more efficient.

Nov 21 Product Updates

FlippingBook Online Update: Advanced Analytics is Here

Your document analytics got a major upgrade: you can now receive deeper insights and valuable data on how your documents perform.

Nov 20 Product Updates

Introducing Vector Text

Meet an all-new FlippingBook Update: high-quality publications with crystal clear text. Go ahead and give it a try.

Oct 25 Marketing Tips

Analyzing Marketing Content Performance: How to Choose the Right Metrics?

Do you ever struggle with analyzing your marketing content performance? See how to measure the content smartly and use the insights to make it even better.

Sep 29 Marketing Tips

FlippingBook Best Practices: Reach Your Audience

What are the ways to attract more attention to your publications? Learn how to reach your new and loyal clients and ensure your publications' success.

Sep 13 Marketing Tips

FlippingBook Best Practices: Enriching Your Publications with FlippingBook Publisher

Get inspired by the ideas on how to use FlippingBook Publisher features to enrich your publications and make them work to the fullest.

Aug 24 Product Updates

Major Quality Upgrade to FlippingBook Online

Take your publications to a new level with this major upgrade to FlippingBook Online: crystal clear text quality and improved reader experience.

Aug 18 Marketing Tips

FlippingBook Best Practices: Optimize Your Content

How to design your PDF to turn it into a great FlippingBook? See what you can do to make your online publications more efficient.