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Apr 01 Marketing Tips

Communication as the Driving Force in the Employee Benefits Industry

Learn how benefit brokers establish connections with their colleagues and collaborate for better client engagement.

Apr 01 Marketing Tips

How Brokers Can Help HR Teams Save Time on Benefits Administration

Learn how brokers can help you to save time on benefits creation, decrease administrative errors, and let you focus on making employee experience better.

Mar 29 Marketing Tips

Is Printing Benefit Guides Holding You Back?

Learn why you shouldn’t hold on to printing as the sole method of Benefit Guides distribution and what the alternative is.

Mar 04 Marketing Tips

How to Use Digital Technologies in Real Estate: Tactics and Tools

Learn how you can use digital technologies to increase your efficiency, provide a better customer experience, and close more deals successfully.

Feb 27 Marketing Tips

How Can Employers Better Communicate Benefits to Employees?

“FlippingBook has helped us move to a more electronic means of communication instead of printing Employee Benefit Guides. We’ve saved a lot with it.”

Feb 13 Marketing Tips

How to Make a Digital Magazine in a Fast and Easy Way

Creating stunning digital magazines doesn’t have to be hard. Learn more about the best tools and tips to remember when making your online magazines.

Feb 04 Marketing Tips

How to Make a Digital Catalog that Sells

Learn about the best tools and tricks for making digital catalogs that give you a competitive advantage and help to grow your business.

Feb 01 Customer Stories

How APi National Service Group Informs their Clients about Fire and Life Safety with FlippingBook

“Welcome Packages hosted on FlippingBook help us look a little more professional. They reassure our clients that choosing us was the right decision.”

Jan 29 Marketing Tips

How to Make a Digital Brochure: Tools, Tips, and Tricks

Want to create engaging digital brochures with ease? Check out how to make the brochures that grab readers' attention and work for your business success.