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Nov 14 Customer Stories

How The Right Place Improves Communication with their Investors Using FlippingBook Online

Learn how our client, The Right Place, extends their marketing reach and has more touch points with their audience.

Oct 25 Marketing Tips

FlippingBook for Education: How to Achieve Educational Goals Using Flipbooks?

More and more educators digitize their prospectuses, brochures, newsletters. Read more to discover how they benefit from creating flipbooks.

Oct 10 Product Updates

FlippingBook Online Update: Adding and Editing Links

Meet a new FlippingBook Online feature - Link adding. Now adding and editing links in your publication is as easy as pie.

Oct 03 Marketing Tips

The Best PDF Creating Tools for Non-Designers

How can I create a flipbook? You need to have a PDF first. Read on to learn about fast and easy tools that help to make a PDF from scratch.

Sep 10 Product Updates

FlippingBook Online Update: Password Protection Is Here

We care about your sensitive content and aspire to help you feel more secure on the web. So meet a new FlippingBook Online feature - password protection.

Aug 15 Product Updates

FlippingBook Major Update: Meet the New Mobile Publication

A brand-new mobile publication comes to FlippingBook products. Check out what's new and enjoy a seamless mobile journey with your content.

Jul 30 Product Updates

FlippingBook Online Update: Introducing the New Mobile Publication

We’ve reimagined FlippingBook mobile publications to deliver the best reading experience with your content. See what's new right away.

Jul 25 Marketing Tips

Is it Time to Start Using Video in Your Marketing Content?

Start thinking more creatively and add video to your marketing content. Learn the best ways to do it right away.

Jun 27 Product Updates

Introducing Video to FlippingBook Online

Meet a brand-new FlippingBook Online update – now you can embed videos into your publications to get the most from your content.