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Here we share our product updates, case studies and thoughts on ways of working with documents on the web, mobile and face-to-face.

May 31 Customer Stories

How Havergal College Increases their Online Presence and Saves on Printing with FlippingBook

Learn how our client, Havergal College, increases their online presence using FlippingBook Publisher.

May 22 Marketing Tips

Top 10 Real Estate Marketing Tools for 2018

We've put together a list of useful digital tools to help you in your real estate marketing in 2018. Find out how to promote your projects online and close more deals.

Apr 12 Customer Stories

How Australian Institute of Management Brings in New Leads with FlippingBook

See how our client, Australian Institute of Management, creates online documents to bring in new leads and engage their existing clients.

Apr 02 Customer Stories

How Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia Delivers Information to Girl Scouts across the USA

Learn how our client, Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia, reaches out to Girl Scouts across the USA using their digital Program Guide created with FlippingBook.

Mar 28 Customer Stories

How Atyaasaa Consulting Protects Their Intellectual Property with FlippingBook

Learn how our client, Atyaasaa Consulting, protects their unique course contents and reaches an international audience with their publications.

Mar 22 Product Updates

FlippingBook Online Update: Meet Custom Domains

We’re passionate about helping you raise brand awareness and build trust with your publications. That’s why we’re happy to introduce a new feature to FlippingBook Online - Custom Domains.

Mar 12 Customer Stories

How St Helens College Saves their Students’ Mobile Data with FlippingBook

Learn how our client, St Helens College, creates mobile-friendly digital documents that are easy to access and read.

Mar 07 Product Updates

FlippingBook Publisher Release: Notes, GIF-animation, Wistia Integration, and More

The latest FlippingBook Publisher release with all-new features is already out. Here’s a roundup of everything that we’ve added to FlippingBook Publisher lately.

Mar 01 Customer Stories

How New Directions for Academic Advancement Creates Digital Textbooks with FlippingBook

See how our client, New Directions A2, uses FlippingBook to guide English learners across China and South America to academic excellence.