Role of the Sales Documents in Manufacturing

If you are working in the manufacturing industry as a salesperson or a marketer, then you will know that sales collateral cannot be overstated. This sales content has gained a well-deserved reputation as a reliable, well-known and trustworthy source of information both for you and for your clients. It's a sales tool that you use every day.

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But is there a place for the sales catalogs in the modern digital world? Can manufacturing and their sales force adapt to this new environment? Let's see.


What are the new meanings of a sales document in a digital age?

A catalog, nowadays, still plays a big role in the sales process. It is as important as it has ever been and it's not going anywhere. On the contrary, with the emergence of digital catalogs, they have gained a new definition and can now provide even more opportunity. Digital documents allow sales reps to have all the information in their pocket, to always be prepared and up-to-date. It has become easy to update sales content, open it on any device and distribute it via digital sales channels: websites, emails and social networks. Now sales catalogs can carry valuable information all over the world. Information and knowledge travel fast without any borders.


Working with manufacturing sales catalogs: what it's like?

When working in the field, at conferences and exhibitions or meeting clients face to face, you carry catalogs with you everywhere. Who knows better than you about all the perks and pitfalls of having to work with printed catalogs? Here are just a few of them, can you relate?
  • Have you ever been annoyed when carrying a big heavy pile of catalogs with you all day long?
  • Have you ever tried to nervously find the specific product info in a large catalog, up to 400 pages and more?
  • Have you ever failed to make the deal because your documents didn't have the desired quality and informational content to drive the client's attention?


Technological progress allows us to lead a comfortable life. We can talk to anyone from across the globe just by making the conference call. We can travel wherever we want, we can always stay connected. We couldn't imagine this 20 years ago. Yes, it can be very hard to keep working with printed catalogs when there are so many new innovations around. So, can sales documents also become innovative, easy-to-use and comfortable to work with?


What benefits can manufacturing sales documents bring in the new digital reality?

  • Shift from printed to digital catalogs can make the communication between the sales representatives, dealers and clients more comfortable, fast and effective.
  • Nice looking and branded digital catalogs can represent manufacturing businesses at their best by showing all the advantages and opportunities that the customers get by buying the products. They raise business awareness and help acquire loyal clients.
  • Catalogs can be a useful assistant to sales force when they work face to face with clients. Digital catalogs look good on the web and on any display, they work fast and allow clients to find information quickly.
  • If sales catalogs are digital, it's much easier to distribute them compared to printed versions. Better distribution results in a wider international market and brings more revenue.

So, to make life easier, sales forces can turn to digital sales collateral. It can help them to be more efficient, attract new clients and make profitable deals. The more thorough, informative and easy-to-use catalogs are, the more they will help sales people to communicate knowledge to dealers and customers.

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