Marketing Tips

Learn how to make your digital marketing and sales processes more efficient with the help of FlippingBook.

Nov 23 Marketing Tips

How to Create an Interactive Holiday Catalog That Inspires Your Clients and Boosts Sales

Learn how to make catalogs and gift guides the stars of your holiday marketing to drive more attention and crush your holiday sales goals.

Oct 25 Marketing Tips

FlippingBook for Education: How to Achieve Educational Goals Using Flipbooks?

More and more educators digitize their prospectuses, brochures, newsletters. Read more to discover how they benefit from creating flipbooks.

Oct 03 Marketing Tips

The Best PDF Creating Tools for Non-Designers

How can I create a flipbook? You need to have a PDF first. Read on to learn about fast and easy tools that help to make a PDF from scratch.

Jul 25 Marketing Tips

Is it Time to Start Using Video in Your Marketing Content?

Start thinking more creatively and add video to your marketing content. Learn the best ways to do it right away.

May 22 Marketing Tips

Top 10 Real Estate Marketing Tools for 2018

We've put together a list of useful digital tools to help you in your real estate marketing in 2018. Find out how to promote your projects online and close more deals.

Dec 13 Marketing Tips

Why Track Publications?

See how you can gain valuable insights from tracking and analyzing your documents to make your marketing and sales efforts more efficient.

Oct 25 Marketing Tips

Analyzing Marketing Content Performance: How to Choose the Right Metrics?

Do you ever struggle with analyzing your marketing content performance? See how to measure the content smartly and use the insights to make it even better.

Sep 29 Marketing Tips

FlippingBook Best Practices: Reach Your Audience

What are the ways to attract more attention to your publications? Learn how to reach your new and loyal clients and ensure your publications' success.

Sep 13 Marketing Tips

FlippingBook Best Practices: Enriching Your Publications with FlippingBook Publisher

Get inspired by the ideas on how to use FlippingBook Publisher features to enrich your publications and make them work to the fullest.

Aug 18 Marketing Tips

FlippingBook Best Practices: Optimize Your Content

How to design your PDF to turn it into a great FlippingBook? See what you can do to make your online publications more efficient.

Jul 27 Marketing Tips

How to Boost Lead Generation by Optimizing Your Gated Content

Do you generate leads with gated content? Are you sure that it works to the max? See how to optimize your content to generate more quality leads.

Jul 13 Marketing Tips

Newsletter Ideas for Creating Engaging Email Content (Part Two)

Do you know how much can you achieve with your email content? Learn about the inspiring ideas that can help you make awesome newsletters.

Jul 11 Marketing Tips

Lead Generation Tips: How to Start Generating More Quality Leads

Let's see how to collect more quality leads that can convert into your loyal clients.

Jul 06 Marketing Tips

Newsletter Ideas for Creating Engaging Email Content (Part One)

Is it hard to figure out what to write in your newsletters? Get inspired by our ideas and create great email content.

Jun 22 Marketing Tips

When is it Right to Gate Your Content with a Lead Capture Form?

To gate or not to gate? What are the benefits and drawbacks of open and gated content? Let's explore.

Jun 06 Marketing Tips

How to Choose a Format for an Annual Report

Let’s look at the trends in annual reports to find the ones that suit you best.

Mar 02 Marketing Tips

Why HTML5 is Good for You as a Marketer

Learn how HTML5 can help you deliver fast and engaging content to your clients.

Feb 15 Marketing Tips

Lead Generation: How to Make it Work for Your Business Success

What are the best lead generation techniques and how to use them to the fullest? Let's find out.

Jan 30 Marketing Tips

Ebooks as a Powerful Marketing Tool: Their Benefits and Challenges

Learn about pros and cons of using ebook to make it valuable, efficient, and exactly what is necessary to drive leads to your website and product.

Oct 27 Marketing Tips

Role of a Sales Document in Manufacturing

What role does sales collateral play in manufacturing? Can manufacturers and salesreps adapt to the digital age to work even more effective? Let's see.

Oct 14 Marketing Tips

How Sales and Marketing Can Benefit from HTML5 Documents

If you have sales and marketing documents in PDF form and want to present them at their best, HTML5 is a great choice.

Oct 05 Marketing Tips

Printed Catalogs vs. Digital Catalogs

Where do printed and digital catalogs fit into the modern world of sales and marketing? Will printed catalogs survive? Let's find out.

Sep 06 Marketing Tips

Why Your PDF Deserves Professional Look and Feel

Let's look at how different industries work with PDFs every day and the pros and cons of dealing with this format.