Our Customer Stories

Learn how companies from manufacturing to web-design use FlippingBook to provide better sales and marketing online documents to their customers.

Dec 03, 2019 Customer Stories

How the Oklahoma Film + Music Office Raises Awareness about their Film Enhancement Rebate Program with FlippingBook

“FlippingBook has great value to us as it helps to further promote our film industry and our locations.”

Oct 17, 2019 Customer Stories

How 2X Generates Leads and Increases Conversion Rates Using FlippingBook Online

“Since integrating FlippingBook into our client’s marketing campaigns, we’ve noticed a twofold increase in the amount of leads that we get. And the conversion rate is now three times higher than before.”

Sep 19, 2019 Customer Stories

How Moore & Giles Provides Instant Access to their Catalogs and Increases Sales with FlippingBook

“FlippingBook allows us to make our publications instantly available whether it’s to a customer looking for a bag or for a salesperson trying to make a sale.”

Jun 27, 2019 Customer Stories

How Glénat Converts a Hundred Previews a Month Automatically with FlippingBook Server

“The biggest value of FlippingBook Server to us is the ability to automate our workflow and the quality of the publications we get.”

Jun 17, 2019 Customer Stories

How DMS Connect Brings Digital Marketing to REALTORS® across Canada with FlippingBook Publisher

“One of our main achievements with FlippingBook is bringing digital interaction to our print newsletter.”

May 29, 2019 Customer Stories

How SSE AG Meets the Needs of Publishers, Archives, and Business Professionals with FlippingBook

"FlippingBook is very good for magazines at exhibitions, for publishers who make book previews, and for those who want to display scanned content online, like libraries and archives."

Apr 22, 2019 Customer Stories

How Brio Benefit Consulting Uses Technology to Better Communicate Employee Benefits with FlippingBook

“One of the main reasons we’re using FlippingBook is to make sure employees are communicated to in a way that they understand, in a way they want to be communicated to.”

Feb 01, 2019 Customer Stories

How APi National Service Group Informs their Clients about Fire and Life Safety with FlippingBook

“Welcome Packages hosted on FlippingBook help us look a little more professional. They reassure our clients that choosing us was the right decision.”

Jan 22, 2019 Customer Stories

How Lampa Enhances Creation and Distribution of Their Product Catalogs with SalesPal

“What’s great is that our agents always have updated materials on hand and can easily refer to them even without Internet connection.”

Dec 11, 2018 Customer Stories

How Jansen Display Group Educates their Customers about Digital Signage Using FlippingBook

“FlippingBook is important to us because the world is moving online, so we want to have information easily accessible on whatever device you can imagine.”

Nov 14, 2018 Customer Stories

How The Right Place Improves Communication with their Investors Using FlippingBook Online

“The primary value of FlippingBook is that it’s allowing us to extend our marketing reach and have more touch points with our audience.”

May 31, 2018 Customer Stories

How Havergal College Increases their Online Presence and Saves on Printing with FlippingBook

“It’s a lot more cost-effective to share direct links to publications than print them, and it’s better for the environment, too.”

Apr 12, 2018 Customer Stories

How Australian Institute of Management Brings in New Leads with FlippingBook

“FlippingBook works every time. It’s like an Apple product - you know it’s just going to work. That’s a really good thing.”

Apr 02, 2018 Customer Stories

How Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia Delivers Information to Girl Scouts across the USA

“FlippingBook is just so much faster and so much more efficient than PDFs.”

Mar 28, 2018 Customer Stories

How Atyaasaa Consulting Protects Their Intellectual Property with FlippingBook

“FlippingBook is an intellectually protected platform that provides analytics.”

Mar 12, 2018 Customer Stories

How St Helens College Saves their Students’ Mobile Data with FlippingBook

“Having FlippingBook means that students can access a prospectus and look at it, and they don’t have to download it directly to the phone. So they can save the data from doing that.”

Mar 01, 2018 Customer Stories

How New Directions for Academic Advancement Creates Digital Textbooks with FlippingBook

“FlippingBook is intuitive, efficient and advanced. And it’s actually a lot more affordable than a lot of other systems out there.”

Feb 19, 2018 Customer Stories

How DCE Creates Powerful Marketing Materials with FlippingBook

“I feel very confident about FlippingBook. I like that it’s very easy to use, to load things. It was a nice and easy process to get the book actually published.”

Jan 12, 2017 Customer Stories

How Yossi Quatinsky uses FlippingBook to build a small successful digital publishing business

"My clients love FlippingBook, they enjoy the publications and how easy they are to use. It helps them a lot in their business."

Aug 07, 2016 Customer Stories

How P&I Design Keeps their Manuals Online with FlippingBook Publisher

“We needed a solution that could handle big files, structure them, download quickly, and still look good. And we found FlippingBook.”